Международная премия для инноваторов в сфере Wellness

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by pioneeradmin
  1. The “Pioneer of Wellness” Awards (Awards) has been launched for rewarding and publicizing innovative ideas, technologies and methods, as well as scientific discoveries and projects related to wellness on a global scale.
  1. Organizer of the Awards – Spa and Wellness International Council LLC
  1. Nominees are selected by  the board of experts who were chosen by the Organizer among leading wellness professionals and scientists.
  1. The open information about nominees will be published on the website www.wellness-pioneer.com
  1. Nomination is voluntary and free. There is no registration fee for nominees.
  1. The Awards Ceremony would be held annually within the framework of the Spa and Wellness International Congress (SWIC)
  1. Candidates can be nominated in following categories:
  • Scientific Innovation;
  • Innovative Product;
  • Innovative Conception;
  • Innovative Technology;
  • Innovative Equipment;
  • Innovative Project;
  • Innovative method;
  • Innovative Business Solution.
  1. To apply in the Awards  a nominee should present:
  • Entry application
  • Detailed description of the subject matter  (idea, conception, method etc)
  • A brief resume  (up to 1000 signs) in English and Russian for publication on the website
  • Logo of the company and/or trade mark alongside with a photo of the nominee (author)
  • Commercial projects must send a Power Point presentation
  • In case of nominated products/equipment a copy of certificate and/or other papers to certify authenticity
  • For signature methods/technologies nominee must present a patent/license or other proof of authenticity and innovative character
  1. Organizer has a right to require other documents or details for an objective assessment of the nominee.
  1. The selected nominees (Awards winners) would have a right to:
  • make a brief presentation at the SWIC Congress within the established agenda
  • a 50% discount on a full-package attendance at the Congress as well as  the Awards ceremony and gala dinner
  • a 50% discount on placement of a  booth in the expo-area of the Congress
  • distribute advertising materials among attendees of the Congress

11.The Awards budget is composed of the sponsorship fees and is allocated exclusively for the Awards Ceremony  

12. Awards winners would receive special prizes and certificates.

13. There would be no monetary awards to the winners.